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A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens - January 2020


At our January meeting we discussed A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.  A Christmas Carol is a short novel, less than a hundred pages long, but it has had a very strong influence on our culture and on the way we celebrate Christmas today. 


We all knew the story and the characters, having seen many adaptions of the book, but surprisingly a significant number of us had never read Dicken’s original novel and most of the group who had read the novel read it a long time ago.


Almost uniquely for our group we were unanimous in enjoying A Christmas Carol, even the members who are not Dickens’ fans.  As one member said, “I very much enjoyed it, a darn good story well told.”


We had a very interesting discussion about the book.  Dickens wrote the novel in order highlight concerns about poverty and injustice in Victorian England but it was pointed out that though the novel was published in 1843 a number of the issues it is concerned with such as homelessness and poverty are still with us today.



Andy Moir





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