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Introducing Chelmsford U3A
Chelmsford U3A is an organisation devoted to the concept of encouraging people, who are usually retired from full-time employment, to pursue their interest in a wide range of academic and leisure activities.  The word 'university' is used in its original sense of a group of people with a desire to learn.  No qualifications are required or given, it simply involves learning for pleasure.

Membership is open to everybody no longer in full-time employment, and covers Chelmsford and the neighbouring villages.

Conducted on a self-help group basis, we are part of the international University of the Third Age movement, which originated in France in 1972 and has now spread to many countries of the world. In Great Britain, there are currently more than 430 local U3As, with over 100,000 participating members.  Although U3As are autonomous in their operation, they are supported by The Third Age Trust, whose National Office is situated in London.

Originally formed in 1993 Chelmsford U3A now has 40+Special Interest Groups covering a wide variety of subjects, with a membership approaching 400.  Special Interest Group meetings are usually held during the daytime in members' homes, although larger premises may be used where this is considered appropriate. 

Events open to all members include outings, holidays at home and abroad, quizzes and social occasions.  A U3A monthly meeting, often featuring a guest speaker, is held for all members and a monthly newsletter is circulated.  Click for the current programme.

All meetings commence at 2.00pm sharp, and  take place in the Marconi Athletic and Social Club (MASC) in Beehive Lane, Chelmsford on the second Wednesday in each month.  See arrow on map

No charges are made for attendance at special interest groups, although specialist facilities and accommodation may necessitate a small charge, members may need to purchase books and any necessary equipment for study, as well as paying a small sum for refreshments.

Joining Chelmsford U3A

To join Chelmsford U3A contact Diane Brewer 01245 476274  

(Please state U3A in the subject line of your email)


This page was last edited on 22nd June 2018