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The Walking Group


The Walking Group walks twice a month.  Set out below are a set of general guidelines which should answer your questions if you are interested in joining us.


The group is led by its own members who each take turns, choosing walks with an approximate ten to twelve miles radius of Chelmsford with Great Dunmow, Coggeshall, High Ongar, Maldon, High Roding, and Stock having been among places chosen by walk leaders in recent times.


There is no fee for participating in this group, all that is needed is for walkers to tell the convenor their Chelmsford U3A membership number.


The Group  

  •       walks twice a month, the first Tuesday and the third Friday.  The convenor has discretion to cancel or amend dates that might clash with Public Holidays or for other good reason  

  •       walks around five miles

 Walks start at 10am and end at around 12.30 to 12.45 with a 15 or so minute rest around midway.  Walks for the most part start and finish at a pub.


The walk leader’s responsibilities are -  

  •      To Take responsibility for selecting the walk route and pub, and arranging for the pub to be open to take food orders and make toilet facilities available at the start of the walk  

  • ·     To distribute, via email 14 or so days beforehand, details of the pub, the approximate walk distance and number of stiles, and, if considered helpful, any notable walking features (eg difficult stiles, ploughed fields, significant road walking distances and like matters)  

  • ·     To find someone to swap dates with or make some other arrangement with some one else should they not be able to lead their walk  

  • ·     To consider seeking and appointing  a back marker at the beginning of the walk  

  • ·     To make every effort to get walkers to sign the walkers’ book and to arrange for the next leader to receive the book before the next walk  

  • ·     If possible, to send, after the walk, the number of walkers and the number of those eating to the convener  

  • ·     To consider making their mobile phone number available for the published programme to enable walkers to contact them in an emergency


Group Members should  

  • ·     In couples or pairs, or individually if they wish, to lead at least one walk in turn (currently around every 8 or so months)    Past conveners are not obliged to do this.  

  • ·     Let the Walk Leader know at least three days before the walk that they are walking and if they are eating so that the Walk Leader can tell the pub of expected number and know who will be turning up  

  • ·     make every effort to walk if they have told the Walk Leader that they are walking especially if the pub expects them to eat too  

  • ·     do not turn up unannounced if they intend to eat, and let the Walk Leader know in advance if they decide to walk at the last minute.  

  • ·     Walkers should tell the leader if they are leaving the walk and let the backmarker know should they wish to take a comfort break. 


The Convener will -


  • ·     compile a list of dates with walk leaders every six months or so  

  • ·     forward to all group members all members’ email details for use by walk leaders to circulate their walk details  

  • ·     take responsibility for accepting new group members at his discretion and to give them a copy of these guidelines  

  • ·     expect to carry out all group business exclusively via email


Other matters


  • ·     When reconnoitring their walk, leaders ought not do so alone  

  • ·     Walkers and Walk Leaders might wish to carry a modest First Aid pack if they have one  

  • ·     Those who wish to eat but not walk – and all are welcome to do so - may wish to let the Walk Leader know so that the pub is well informed




Philip Heady

October 2014



This page last edited on 31st October 2014